Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Bulletin Board

Join Friendster (FS) ga?....kalo' ga join, kelaut aja deh!...he..he...friendster memang fenomena, cara tercepat mendapatkan teman meskipun hanya di dunia maya alias cyber.

Di FS, selain dapet temen-temen yg asik (ini seh pasti!), banyak hal lain yang saya suka, salah satunya adalah "Bulletin Board" (BB).

Some times I found it so funny that it could makes me smile...or even laugh out loud by myself (crazy isn't it?).

Apa yang ditulis di BB sometimes is a very common and simple things, but how in the earth they can come out with that idea?

Here's one of them, it is a bulletin board from my beautifull pal, Ari Brekellzzz.

Rated R (17 th keatas!!!)

1. Do you like it ? absolutely!

2. When was your first time ? when i was young lah!

3. How many times per day/week/month/year ? dulunya sih seminggu 3 kali, skarang susyah nyarinya

4. Enjoy it alone ? yup..lebih enak sendirian

5. Enjoy it with a partner ? sometimes

6. Enjoy it with a stranger ? pernah juga sih

7. Standing/sitting/lying down/kneeling ? everystyle deh pokoke...enak banget!

8. You suck or lick or bite ? licking first....then.. enjoy every bites of it!

9. You spit or swallow ? hhmmm

10. From front or behind ? wach..enaknya sih dari depan lah

11. Dark or bright ? dark....sweet

12. In candlelight ? never try

13. Hot, warm or cool condition ? cool....dingin lebih nikmat!

14. In the rain ? could be

15. In the snow ? nope!

16. Fast or slow ? slowly

17. Your partner also like it ? not really

18. When was his/her first time ? dunno!

19. He/she suck or lick or bite ? whatever deh

20. You look into his/her eyes ? gak lah

21. You hold his/her hands ? maunya sih getoo

22. How big is yours ? big enough lah

23. Does size matter to you ? nope!

24. To your partner ? not really

25. You/your partner use any protection, in case there is an unwanted spill ? sometimes

26. Morning or afternoon or night ? depends!

27. (if night) All night long ? gak lah!

28. Most favourite place ? my greeny room

29. Wash your hands after ? pake antis aja

30. Most favourite flavour ? Chocolate duuoonk !!!

PS : Thank you for sharing your most private experience about ice cream,...I knew it.....I knew it before...he..he..he...

See....I've told you it's funny!

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